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Use this hook to send a transaction to your smart contract to write data or perform an action.

const { writeAsync, isLoading, isMining } = useScaffoldContractWrite({
contractName: "YourContract",
functionName: "setGreeting",
args: ["The value to set"],
// For payable functions, expressed in ETH
value: "0.01",
// The number of block confirmations to wait for before considering transaction to be confirmed (default : 1).
blockConfirmations: 1,
// The callback function to execute when the transaction is confirmed.
onBlockConfirmation: (txnReceipt) => {
console.log("Transaction blockHash", txnReceipt.blockHash);

To send the transaction, you can call the writeAsync function returned by the hook. Here's an example usage:

<button className="btn btn-primary" onClick={() => writeAsync()}>
Send TX

This example sends a transaction to the YourContract smart contract to call the setGreeting function with the arguments passed in args. The writeAsync function sends the transaction to the smart contract, and the isLoading and isMining properties indicate whether the transaction is currently being processed by the network.