BuidlGuidl is a group of builders that build tools with Scaffold-ETH, meet and learn together, and get funded for contributing. The goal is to empower builders for creating resources for the Ethereum ecosystem. 🌟
After going through Speed Run Ethereum, submitting the builds to your builder profile, being active in the BuidlGuidl Telegram groups you can come and join BuidlGuidl!
You'll be part of the community where you can learn, ask questions, show off your projects, and earn ETH for your work.
To break it down, here's what we do at BuidlGuidl:
  • Build tools & content with Scaffold-ETH
  • Have social calls internally & with other people in the ecosystem
  • Get incentivized for our contributions
Many different projects are being built in BuidlGuidl, from SpeedRunEthereum to Conviction Voting. Here are some resources to follow along: