Simple Stream

A simple ETH stream where the beneficiary reports work via links when they withdraw.

Branch Info

Author: Austin Griffith Source code: Intended audience: Beginners/Intermediate Topics: Scaffold-eth basics, ETH Stream

🏃‍♀️ Quick Start

required: Node plus Yarn and Git
git clone simple-stream
cd simple-stream
git checkout simple-stream
yarn install
yarn start
in a second terminal window:
cd scaffold-eth
yarn chain
in a third terminal window:
cd scaffold-eth
yarn deploy
💼 Edit your toAddress, cap, frequency, and other stream parameters in deploy.js in packages/hardhat/scripts
🔏 Edit your smart contract SimpleStream.sol in packages/hardhat/contracts
📝 Edit your frontend App.jsx in packages/react-app/src
😯 The UI is mostly in ExampleUI.jsx in packages/react-app/src/views
📱 Open http://localhost:3000 to see the app
Set the stream toAddress in deploy.js to your address in the frontend:
Normally you will want to configure your frequency to be much longer, but it starts at two minutes for local testing.
⚠️ Make sure you have deploy.js edited so it is streaming to your frontend account:
Notice in the 'deploy.js' we automatically send 2 ETH to the contract:
That means it has enough to pay out 0.5 ETH 4 times over an 8 minute period:
The stream will start empty and flow at a rate of 0.5 ETH every two minutes:
faucetstream mov
⚠️ Since your local node only mines a block when you send a transaction, you might want to send yourself funds from the faucet to see the stream fill up:
Withdraw from your stream by posting a github link and an amount:
streamwithdraw mov
A work log will form, tracking your progress:
An initial deposit occurs in the deploy.js but you can also depoit using the frontend:
⚠️ You can give yourself $1,000,000 in local ETH using the faucet wallet icon (bottom left)

💬 Support Chat

Join the telegram support chat 💬 to ask questions and find others building with 🏗 scaffold-eth!