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Author: Adam Fuller Source code: https://github.com/scaffold-eth/scaffold-eth-examples/tree/lender#quickstart Intended audience: Beginners/Intermediate Topics: Scaffold-eth basics, Aave, ETH-DAI
a component for depositing & borrowing assets on Aave


git clone -b lender https://github.com/scaffold-eth/scaffold-eth-examples.git lender-scaffold
cd lender-scaffold
yarn install
yarn start
  • In a second terminal window run:
yarn fork
This branch uses a local fork of mainnet, which is easy to do with Hardhat (see here to learn more). The template configuration uses an Infura node, however this is not a full archive node, so it will only work for an hour or so. To get a long-lasting fork...
  • Go to alchemyapi.io and get an API key for mainnet
  • Replace the Infura URL with an Alchemy URL with your API key (i.e. https://eth-mainnet.alchemyapi.io/v2/<API_KEY_HERE>) into the fork script on line 28 of /packages/hardhat/package.json
📱 Open http://localhost:3000 to see the app
  • Send your burner wallet some ETH using the faucet
  • Swap some ETH for DAI
  • Go to "Lend" and Deposit DAI into Aave
  • Borrow whatever assets you want!
  • The on-chain requests are quite heavy for this branch, so it can sometimes take the mainnet fork a little while to get going - you may need to refresh several times before everything is cached.