Nifty Viewer

A forkable nft gallery with transfer functionality and burner wallets.

Branch Info

Author: Austin Griffith Source code: https://github.com/scaffold-eth/scaffold-eth-example/tree/nifty-viewer Intended audience: Beginners/Intermediate Topics: Scaffold-eth basics, NFTs

🏃‍♀️ Quick Start

forkable nft gallery with transfer functionality and burner wallets
required: Node plus Yarn and Git
git clone https://github.com/scaffold-eth/scaffold-eth-example.git nifty-viewer
cd nifty-viewer
git checkout nifty-viewer
yarn install
yarn start
📝 Edit NFT_CONTRACT_ADDRESS and NFT_CONTRACT_ABI in constants.js in packages/react-app/src
📝 Edit your frontend App.jsx in packages/react-app/src
📡 Select your targetNetwork in App.jsx
📱 Open http://localhost:3000 to see the app
🕵️‍♀️ Look at how yourCollectibles is populated in App.jsx
(You might need to use the IPFS block instead of the Axios stuff if you are loading from IPFS)
📝 Don't forget to update the INFURA_ID in constants.js in packages/react-app/src before you deploy to prod...

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