hardhat-deploy lets you easily verify contracts on Etherscan, and we have added a helper script to /packages/hardhat to let you do that and we have abstracted the actual command away from the user. Please see the packages/hardhat/package.json and look for the 'verify' command, you will see the hardhat command in there (hardhat etherscan-verify --api-key <your_key>). You can pass the --network parameter.
Simply run:
cd packages/hardhat
yarn verify --network <network_of_choice>
Make sure to change the script so it uses your own Etherscan API key for the "verify" command in packages/hardhat/package.json
"hardhat etherscan-verify --api-key <your_key>"
And all hardhat's deployed contracts with matching ABIs for that network will be automatically verified.
Last modified 1yr ago