Scaffold-eth commands

All of the commands you can run from the root of your scaffold-eth project

Scaffold-eth Super Powers

yarn install
yarn chain starts a local Hardhat chain at localhost:8545
yarn start starts a react frontend server at localhost:3000
yarn complile compiles any smart contracts located at packages/hardhat/contracts/
yarn deploy deploys any smart contracts that have been specified in 00_deploy_your_contract.js located at packages/hardhat/deploy/
yarn build builds the react-app frontend
yarn fork starts a local Hardhat chain with the state of the last mainnet block
yarn test runs any tests located at packages/hardhat/test/
yarn verify
yarn watch watches for changes in ./contracts . Upon a detected change yarn deploy is automatically run and contracts are re-deployed.
yarn accounts provides a list of accounts that were generated and pre-funded on yarn chain
yarn balance provides a balance for a given address. Requires an address argument. ex. yarn balance 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000.
yarn send
local - requires a bit more documentation, likely not super useful, does it need to be in repo/docs? code located at bottom of hardhat.config.js
yarn ipfs
publishes a document or file structure to IPFS. Make sure to have your own IPFS INFURA keys implemented at .... where is the IPFS INFURA key?
yarn surge
publishes your frontend app to Surge. - ADDITIONAL documentation needed
yarn balanceprovides a balance for a given address. Requires an address argument. ex. yarn balance 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000
yarn s3 publishes your frontend app to an AWS s3 bucket. Requires an aws.json credentials file at packages/react-app/ with { "accessKeyId": "xxx", "secretAccessKey": "xxx", "region": "xxx" } . You will also want to set you bucket name at packages/react-app/scripts/s3.js
yarn ship runs yarn surge, but with a
yarn generate
displays - generates a new Ethereum address, sets that address as the 'deployer' address in WHERE DOES IT SET AT GENERATOR?, and stores the nemonic at packages/hardhat/*newAddressValue*.txt
yarn accountdisplays a QR code of the most recently generated account using yarn generate and displays the addresses balance on the most common networks.
yarn mineContractAddress
- requires more documentation. There are arguments required that are not clear.
yarn wallet generates a new Ethereum address and provides a localhost URL with the private key appended. This allows you to navigate to your Scaffold-eth build and have a new address as the signer in the top right corner.
yarn fundedwallet
yarn flatten
yarn clean
yarn run-graph-node
yarn remove-graph-node
yarn clean-graph-node
yarn graph-prepare
yarn graph-codegen
yarn graph-build
yarn graph-create-local
yarn graph-remove-local
yarn graph-deploy-local
yarn graph-ship-local
yarn deploy-and-graph
yarn mint
yarn theme
yarn watch-theme