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🙏 Contributing to Scaffold-ETH 2

We welcome contributions to Scaffold-ETH 2!

This section aims to provide an overview of the contribution workflow to help us make the contribution process effective for everyone involved.


The project is under active development. You can view the open Issues, follow the development process and contribute to the project.

Getting started

You can contribute to this repo in many ways:

  • Solve open issues
  • Report bugs or feature requests
  • Improve the documentation

Contributions are made via Issues and Pull Requests (PRs). A few general guidelines for contributions:

  • Search for existing Issues and PRs before creating your own.
  • Contributions should only fix/add the functionality in the issue OR address style issues, not both.
  • If you're running into an error, please give context. Explain what you're trying to do and how to reproduce the error.
  • Please use the same formatting in the code repository. You can configure your IDE to do it by using the prettier / linting config files included in each package.
  • If applicable, please edit the file to reflect the changes.