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✅ Disabling Type and Linting Error Checks


Typescript helps you catch errors at compile time, which can save time and improve code quality, but can be challenging for those who are new to the language or who are used to the more dynamic nature of JavaScript. This sections shows the steps required to disable type & lint check on different levels

Disabling Commit Checks

We run pre-commit git hook which lints the staged files and don't let you commit if there is an linting error.

To disable this, go to .husky/pre-commit file and comment out yarn lint-staged --verbose

- yarn lint-staged --verbose
+ # yarn lint-staged --verbose

Deploying to Vercel without any checks

By default, Vercel runs types and lint checks before building your app. The deployment will fail if there are any types or lint errors.

To ignore these checks while deploying from the CLI, use:

yarn vercel:yolo

If your repo is connected to Vercel, you can set NEXT_PUBLIC_IGNORE_BUILD_ERROR to true in a environment variable.

Disabling Github Workflow

We have github workflow setup checkout .github/workflows/lint.yaml which runs types and lint error checks every time code is pushed to main branch or pull request is made to main branch

To disable it, delete .github directory