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Display an address (or ENS) along with a utility icon to copy the address. If the address is associated with an ENS that has an avatar, this avatar will be displayed. If not, a blockie image representation of the address will be shown.

By default, clicking on the address redirects to the connected wallet's network block explorer. If the wallet is not connected, it redirects to the block explorer of targetNetworks[0].

Address Example


import { Address } from "~~/components/scaffold-eth";


<Address address="0x34aA3F359A9D614239015126635CE7732c18fDF3" />


PropTypeDefault ValueDescription
addressstringundefinedAddress in 0x___ format, it will resolve its ENS if it has one associated.
disableAddressLink (optional)booleanfalseSet it to true to disable the blockexplorer link behaviour when clicking on the address.
format (optional)string"short"By default, only the first five characters of the address are displayed. Set this to "long" to display the entire address.
size (optional)string"base"Size for the displayed Address component. base by default but you can pass in xs, sm, base, lg, xl, 2xl, 3xl.